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My collaboration with

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Earlier this month I was approached by this very prestigious online gallery called SINGULART.COM from Paris. They said they really liked my works as an Indian Artist and wanted to know if I would be interested in the possibility of coming on board with them. After I nodded in the affirmative, a zoom call was set up with them and I found myself being face to face with a handsome Parisian called Emile Moreau. It was an interview of sorts – to find out who I am, what is my motivation for Art and such. The interview went amicably and what  followed were a series of online forms, answering more set of questionnaires and uploading my available artworks. And finally I am so happy to be online with them! is a one of the kind platform in Europe. They are supported by BPI France which supports entrepreneurs. Their website has an average of 3 million hits per day. With this collaboration I look forward to my artworks to be seen by a wide audience worldwide.