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Studio Anukta – a charcoal portrait

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A very big perk of drawing or painting and the reason I come back to it – again and again – is that it magically transcends me to the subject of my painting – be it a landscape or a figurative work.

In that, there is something about making a portrait drawing which interests me a lot, particularly if the face – its expressions appeal to me. It gladdens my heart when I paint or sketch a smiling, exuberant  face; as I get the chance to become one with the subject. Out goes my woes and in comes the happy aura of the person I am doing a portrait study of.

Not all, but many of my works are spontaneous decisions as was the case with this, and that is when I am the happiest. And so it was only when I excitedly began doing the initial strokes, that I realized I could do a video of it. You will thus see the initial bit missing, and also the video of the very last part of my work as my gadget ran out of juice.  I have however posted the pictures of both the start and the end here and in the attached YouTube video.

Hope you enjoy.

Materials used – charcoal powder, Willow charcoal, compressed charcoal, Kneadable eraser, the links for which given below if purchased through