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Studio Anukta – My entry into the world of YouTube

Gone are the days when YouTube was only about songs. These days it has become the go-to place for any sort of information and expertise – be it simple culinary skills, makeup tips, education, fashion, or even seemingly complex topics on how to make drones and air crafts! YouTube has burst from merely being an entertainment site to being one with a vista of information and knowledge in practically every sphere of our lives.  Like its larger umbrella- the internet, through this platform, knowledge has ceased to be the privy of a chosen few. Being a video platform, I would say it is the perfect platform for infotainment.

Coming to me and my baby steps into YouTube, being somewhere in between an extrovert and an introvert – but definitely veering much more towards the latter, I have always been reluctant to make any sort of foray into this public domain, despite the nudges of some of my friends. Left to my device, I am happiest when working alone in my studio. Nonetheless, I have finally ventured into the medium. This first post is a brief introduction to myself and a sneak peek into my creative clutter – my studio. Hope you like it. I look forward to being regular with posting content related to Art, where you can find enjoyable nuggets of information and hopefully benefit too. If you are thinking to become to start a YouTube channel for yourself then here you will find many YouTube video editor and other experts at a very affordable price