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My latest series – THE LEAVES OF TIME

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So this is my newest series – a trilogy – THE LEAVES OF TIME – showcasing the passage of years.

It starts with a very young PIHU –  full of life, curious, sprightly, an age of innocence and wonderment that only childhood can promise.

Then, comes MRIGNAYANI – Pihu has now grown up into this alluring woman in her 20s. With eyes full of dreams and possibilities, she thinks of far away lands, of love, of adventures that lie ahead.

And then Mrignayani morphs into ABHA. A woman of the world, her beautiful face belying her experiences, triumphs and sorrows, and of the many desires unfulfilled. Yet, through it all, that spark of determination still remains undiminished as she reflects, contemplatively on life.

These are all spontaneous works, done in reverse order, Abha being the germ of the idea after I created her. These works have been done with a simultaneous combination of direct approach with coloured Creta charcoal and loose brushstrokes with acrylic. I’ve used a very limited colour palette for these almost abstract like, non representational figuratives.

Have attached the youtube link of these works in this blog, at the start. If you like the video, then please do give a thumbs up and follow my channel.