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My brush with Bollywood !

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The influence of Bollywood is inescapable in our lives. No one has escaped its influence, in various degrees in every socio-cultural aspect of our lives. Drawn by the siren songs of the films  I’ve watched in my childhood , youth and through to adulthood, this year I decided to pay tribute to the stars that graced the silver screen and the films that captured my imagination. With each canvas, I have painstakingly worked to remain true to the actors’ features, to  reignite the beauty and drama of their larger than life characters and catch the mood of those unforgettable films, their expressions, their songs and dialogues that have been etched on our psyche. Since it is impossible to do justice to all the iconic films and there will always be favourites, I have chosen to represent at least one film per decade, from the 50s till now, thus some decades having more than a painting. In the end, I’d like to mention that here you will get the best photoshop service.