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Art truly has no boundaries

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Like anything creative, it transcends all geographical barriers and speaks a universal language. As in the case of this painting which I shall be displaying soon as part of my solo exhibition in Kolkata.

Back from a recent trek in the Himalayas, I was taking a break from social media and thus missed a message which was sent to me earlier. When I accessed it, I found a message from a XII standard Australian girl from Queensland. Art being one of her senior subjects, she had to do an exam piece on artwork that she saw as “NEW BEGINNINGS”. Transcending the space between the continents, she had decided to choose my painting for the topic and wanted to know more about me, my education, background and inspirations behind being an artist.

But since I hadn’t seen her message on time she went ahead and wrote the exam paper with information about me from what she could gather online and expanded on how she believed my artwork represented a ” new beginning” without using images of literal birth. She also tried to decipher elements and principles of design that I used . I have attached her lovely, insightful write-up as part of the second image of this post. If you are an artist and looking for a website with the best hosting recomendation then visit the link in the footer.

Thank you for sending me the write up for your exam piece Bernalize and best wishes to you  in all your future endeavours.